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TR Parts Quality and Supply

To find out the views of TR Register members on the best TR Parts and Sources visit the forum that has been set up for just this purpose: Best TR Parts & Sources. If you are trying to find a good quality part, worthy of fitting to your TR, then ask the question on this forum. You will get some very helpful replies.

TR Register members frequently express their concern over the quality of certain reproduction parts. Therefore, the TR Register is currently discussing this subject with many of the TR Specialists who repair and restore large numbers of TRs as they gain a wealth of knowledge and experience of the issues. We are proposing setting up a mechanism whereby the TR Specialist community can share their concerns with each other and can then identify where action needs to be taken. The outcome of these discussions will be shared with our members.

The TR Spares Development Fund has launched their own website: TR SDF. This website gives details of the Parts Quality Initiative and form PQI form plus the latest news on the supply of those parts which have not been available for some time.