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About the Triumph TR Register Car Club

The TR Register was founded in 1970 and has been growing steadily ever since to become one of the most successful one-make car clubs in the world, offering members a wealth of information and expertise.

The TR Register was founded by enthusiasts for the benefit of enthusiasts and caters for all models of TR from TR2 - TR8 and all derivatives - Italia, Swallow Doretti, Peerless, Warwick, Grinnall and Dove. There is a staff of two full time employees based at the club headquarters in Oxfordshire where the archives and library are also kept.

As a club member you can benefit from many different aspects of the TR Register. You will receive the club magazine, TR Action, bi-monthly, gain access to special insurance offers via TR Register Insurance, keep up to date with the latest Motorsport news / competitions, receive valuable technical help and become part of our vibrant Social Scene. There are thousands of like minded Register members who will help you make the most of your TR. All this plus much more, for just £52 a year*.(*UK membership, £5 joining fee may apply, discount available if you pay by Direct Debit).

A board of directors consisting of 7 volunteers, is democratically elected every year by the members to carry out the club's basic principle: to preserve the TR marque, keep the cars on the road, and increase the enjoyment of ownership for enthusiasts. We also have a panel of model experts or 'registrars' that are a crucial point of contact for information on specific models within the marque.

In the UK there are 54 local groups and the club is represented in 39 countries world-wide, with affiliations with most national TR and Triumph clubs outside the UK.TR Register is the trading name of TR Owners Club Ltd. Registered office: Unit 1b Hawksworth, Southmead Industrial Park, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7HR.

Registered in England: Company number 1499634.
The legal framework of the TR Owners Club Ltd (TR Register) is a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. That means that there are no shareholders to pay and the Club does not make a 'profit' for anyone. All income and property of the Club is used solely for the benefit of the members. The directors of the company and officers of the club are all unpaid volunteers. There are two members of staff employed in our office with further external contractors engaged for specific duties.