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TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship

Welcome to the motorsport downloads section. Here you can find all the latest downloads and forms relating to the current motorsport season.

If you require any further guidance on motorsport entries or regulations, contact our Hillclimb and Sprint Co-ordinator

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Entry Form for the 2021 season: PDF Version | Word Doc Version.

Regulations: 2021 TR Register / Revington TR Sprint and Hillclimb Championship Regulations

Bogey Times (update 2021): Download PDF

Getting started guide: Getting started in the Revington TR / TR Register Hillclimb and Sprint Championship

Technical Declaration Form 2021 : PDF Version | Word Doc Version.

Programme: 2021 Programme and Fixtures

Coronavirus and Motorsport

Motorsport UK have given no indication that they intend to withdraw permits ahead of the start of the season. So, providing lockdown is lifted, restrictions allow and there are no further directives from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport - the TR Register Hillclimb and Sprint Championship will commence as per the 2021 schedule.