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Triumph TR5 / TR250

After the body change (1961) and the chassis change (1965) came the engine change of 1967. Except in detail, TR5s looked like TR4As, but there was a fuel injected 150bhp/2498cc six cylinder engine up front. Much more performance than any previous TR (120mph, flat out). None of these cars went to North America when new. Strictly a one season wonder as the re-styled TR6 took over before the end of 1968. 2947 cars built between 1967 and 1968.

The TR5 couldn't be sold in North America because of the USA's new exhaust emission regulations. Instead there was the TR250, exported to North America and Canada only, with twin Stromberg carburetted 104bhp/2498cc six cylinder engine, and transverse speed stripe across the nose for recognition purposes. Just as fast as the old TR4A but much smoother and more civilised. 8484 card built in 1967 and 1968.



July 1967 to September 1968. Designed by Giovanni Michelotti.

Production Figures TR5

Produced for the Home Market - 1161
Produced for the Export Market - 1786
Total - 2947

Production Figures TR250

Produced for the Home Market - n/a
Produced for the Export Market - 8484
Total - 8484

Basic Price TR5

Soft top: £1212 / Hard top: £1255

Basic Price TR250

Soft top $3175 (East Coast)

Optional Extras

Wire wheels, overdrive, surrey soft top (for hard top model).

Engine Details TR5

6 cylinder 74.7mm x 95mm 2498cc engine.
150bhp at 5500rpm, maximum torque 164lbs/ft at 3500rpm - lucas fuel injection.

Engine Details TR250

6 cylinder 74.7mm x 95mm 2498cc engine.
104bhp at 4500rpm, maximum torque 143lbs/ft at 3000rpm - twin strombergs 175CD.

Triumph TR5 exploded engine animation

Suspension Details

Front: Independent by unequal length double wishbones, coil springs and telescopic dampers. Rack & pinion steering.

Rear: Independent rear suspension (IRS) by semi trailing arms, coil springs and lever arm dampers.

Wheels: 4.5J Pressed steel disc with 165 x 15 (TR5) or 185 x 15 (TR250) tyres.

Mean Maximum Speed 117 mph 109 mph
0 - 30 mph 3.5 s 4.0 s
0 - 50 mph 6.0 s 8.6 s
0 - 60 mph 8.8 s 10.6 s
0 - 90 mph 21.4 s 27.5 s
Standing ¼ mile 16.8 s 17.8 s
Overall Fuel Consumption 19.6 mpg 27.5 mpg