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Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the TR Owners Club Ltd (TR Register) will be held digitally on Sunday 22nd November 2020; 10.30am registration for 11.00am start.

All Directors nominations, resolutions and special resolutions must be submitted in writing sixty days prior to the Annual General Meeting to the TR Register's office or by email to:

Attendance at the TR Register Digital AGM will be via pre-booking only. Members are required to register their attendance first via the online form below before: 20th November 2020.

Upon registering, you will receive a link before the meeting which you can use to access the digital AGM. The email you register with will be used to identify you on the meeting and send the access link to, so please ensure you register with the email address you wish to use to receive your access link. If you had already registered for the physical AGM this year, you need not register again.

If insufficient numbers are registered before the 20th November 2020 for the meeting to be considered quorate, then the AGM is at risk of being postponed.



Introduction and welcome including venue health and safety.

1. To receive apologies for absence and introduction.

2. To approve the minutes of the last AGM.

3. To receive and if considered appropriate adopt the accounts.

4. To appoint Wellers Accountants, Oxford as the Independent Accountants.

5. To receive reports from the Directors of the club.

6. To vote on any Honorary membership proposals received

7. To elect directors of the club to the following roles:

  • Chairman (any nominations received for the position of Chairman, must have served on the Management Team in the preceding year as per article 17(4) )
  • Vice Chairman
  • Finance Director
  • International Director
  • North West Area Director
  • Scotland Area Director
  • North East Area Director
  • Midlands Area Director
  • East Midlands Area Director
  • East Area Director
  • South - East Area Director
  • South - West Area Director
  • South Central Area Director
  • Wales and West Area Director
  • Youth Group Director

8. To fix the rates of subscription for the next 12 months.

9.a) Q&A on any resolutions proposed - questions to be lodged with the chair prior to meeting commencing.

9. b) To vote on resolutions.

10. To transact any other business that may be properly brought before the meeting and of which due notice has been given.

Close of meeting .


Following the close of official business, Honorary President Graham Robson and Wayne Scott will present the TR Register Annual Awards, Don't forget you can nominate someone you know in the club, for more details visit: or email your nomination to:


Proxy Voting will be held in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 and opened October 20th 2020 at 11am. In the event a member is unable to attend they can register their proxy either specifically or non-specifically with the chairman or an attending member by registering below.

The deadline for Proxy Voting is 11am on Friday 20th November 2020 (48 hours before the meeting).

When deciding how you wish your proxy to vote the following form should be used in conjunction with the material published below. Please take time to read all the material corresponding to each nomination and resolution. On submission, the form will be entered into our digital proxy database and an automated email issued to your registered proxy instructing them how to vote. These records will also be retained by the office.

The Proxy Voting process will be presided over by Malcolm Tatton.

IMPORTANT:If you are unable to attend and do not know anyone planning to attend, then you may assign your proxy vote to the Chairman of the meeting to vote on your behalf either at the Chairman's discretion or as you specifically instruct him via the proxy form. All votes will be handled by the proxy officer.

Abstentions will not be counted.


TR Register Directors Reports and Citations
Special Resolutions for the 2020 AGM
TR Owners Club (TR Register) Accounts 2019/20 (login required)
Minutes of the 2019 AGM. (login required)
Proxy Voting - The Guide
TR Register Articles of Association as adopted 15th November 2020 (for reference)
Volunteer role descriptions

Director Nomination Form: PDF | Word

Paper copies can be obtained from the TR Register Company's Registered Office: TR Register, 1B Hawksworth, Southmead Industrial Park, Didcot, Oxfordshire. OX11 7HR. Tel: 01235 818866